Wednesday, February 25, 2015

External USB keyboard does not work when connected to Dell Dockingstation on boot

Today we had the problem that we can not enter the Truecrypt password on the external keyboard connected to a Dell Dockingstation with a new Dell Latitude Laptop. But after we have typed in  the password on the Laptop keyboard  and windows has booted the external keyboard works without problem. We have tried many things like updating the BIOS and other keyboards, but nothing worked. So we compared the BIOS config value by value with a working Laptop and found out that the Setting "Fastboot" in the "Post Behavior" section is the problem. When it is set to Minimal the USB ports are not initialized and the external keyboard is not working, but when it is set to "Thorough" the external keyboard works without problem. So if you have the same problem go and check your BIOS Settings.

External keyboard does not work on boot Bitlocker

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dolby Digital 5.1 Ausgabe bei Netflix und Amazon Instant Video

Ich bin ein großer Fan, der Streaming Dienste von Amazon und Netflix. Das einzige störende war bisher, dass es immer wieder Probleme beim Abspielen von 5.1 Inhalten über meine Heimkinoanlage gab. Meistens erhielt ich nur ein Stereo Signal, obwohl die Inhalte als 5.1 in der Benutzerschnittstelle von Netflix bzw. Amazon markiert waren. Als Abspielgerät verwende ich eine Playstation 3 die über HDMI mit einem Onkyo NR 636 verbunden ist. Heute habe ich mich einmal im Detail mit den Einstellungen der Playstation 3 befasst und die Einstellungen gefunden, die ein problemloses Abspielen von 5.1 Inhalten sowohl von Netflix als auch von Amazon Instant Video erlaubt.

Wählen Sie in den Einstellungen die Sound Einstellungen aus.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Download customized IBM i CUM and Group PTFs without Java applet trouble.

Everybody who knows me, is aware that i am a big Java fan, but there is one thing in Java which does not work, Java applets. So it will be no surprise that i really hate the whole process to download Cumulative or group PTF's with fix central. The whole process depends on a java applet, which fails most of the time for security reasons.

Java fails for security reasons

In older releases the use of the green screen "SNDPTFORD" command was not a workaround because it was limited to download only small PTF's and not big PTF groups. But recently i noticed that this command was enhanced so that it is able to download PTF's to optical images. I will show you how easy this is and i am pretty sure that you will never ever use Fix Central again.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fastest way to upload iso images to your IBM i

When you plan an upgrade for your IBM i, you need to upload the iso images of the new release  you have downloaded from IBM to your IBM i. The easiest way is to use a network share with Netserver, but the upload of 30 GB over a file share can be very slow. It is much faster to upload the images with FTP. In this tutorial i will show you how this works without the use of additional software:

Aus der Inbox: Copy & Paste kann auch schiefgehen

Ein bekanntes österreichisches Systemhaus schickt heute Gutscheine für Faschings(Karneval)krapfen aus. Offensichtlich haben Sie aber einfach die Weihnachtsaussendung per Copy & Paste neu rasugeschickt und vergessen den Alternativtext des Bildes anzupassen.


Wobei Werbemails die nur ein Bild mit Text enthalten in Zeiten  in denen die meisten Browser keine externen Bilder mehr laden sowieso ein Epic Fail sind.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

First steps with the new Node.js support on the IBM i

Development of server apps with java script is very popular in our days. Since Technology Refresh 9 on V7R1 and TR1 on V7R2 Node.js is now available on my preferred server platform IBM i.  So do not miss the tutorial to create a "Hello World" web server on the IBM Systems Magazine "Node.js the first kiss".

Friday, February 6, 2015

Fill an IBM i image catalog with images with one API call

Image catalogs make the installation of new operating system releases or PTF's very easy. You do not need to change many CD's and if you want to install the update remote, image catalogs are the only possible solution. But in V7R1 there is no command to add a whole directory filled with images to an image catalog. You have to add every image with "ADDIMGCLGE"  which can be a very boring task, if you have many images to add.

Fortunately there is a system API which allows you to add all images at once. Folow this easy steps to create your image catalog with this API:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Create a REST Webservice in RPG IV

REST Webservices are the de-facto standard for integration on the web, but as a RPG programmer you were not part of the game till IBM has released IBM i 7.2 TR1 and IBM i 7.1 TR9. With this releases IBM has added functionality to enable your RPG Serviceprogramms to act as a REST service. The support for REST Webservices is relative similar to that what we had for SOAP Webservices before. IBM has posted a three part tutorial (part1, part2, part three is missing in the moment) on their developerworks site which gives you a quick start with this new opportunity.

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