Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Redbook: Modernizing IBM i applications from the Database up to the User Interface and Everything in Between updated

Last year IBM released a great Redbook with an overview how to modernize your IBM i applications In July a refreshed version of this Redbook was published on the Redbooks page. This book is the bible for every IBM i developer who wants to improve his development skills. It shows all options to modernize classic RPG programs. Shows the modern development tools for the classic IBM programming languages and shows all the new language options like Java, EGL, PHP or Java script which were added to the platform in the last years. In my opinion a must read for every IBM i developer.

RedPaper Tools and Solution for Modernizing your IBM i Applications updated

Last year IBM released a great Redpaper with an overview which tools and solutions for modernizing your IBM i Applications are available. In July a refreshed version of this Redpaper was published on the Redbooks page. If you are a RPG or Cobol IBM i developer you really should have a look at this paper to learn what tools are already available to make your users happy with web, client or mobile solutions.

Monday, August 3, 2015

New Beta Version of the Document Spy available

Last weekend the weather was not so nice in Grundlsee and so i decided to code a new feature for the document Spy. It enables the document spy to create snapshots of documents and then compare this snapshot with changes have been made to the document since the snapshot was captured. For example i can take a snapshot of a mail and then set the follow-up flag in the mail ui. The Document spy will then show me which fields in the document has been changed from this action. This is very handy to reverse engineer functions in the mail and calendaring. I will provide a detailed tutorial how to use this new feature later this week.

You can install the new Beta version as the old version of the document spy from the download page.

If you have any problems with the new Beta please leave a comment of send an e-mail to ralf.petter@gmail.com

Friday, July 31, 2015

Downloads of my free tools fixed.

I am really very sorry, but there was a bug in the xml files on the new download site i have created for my free tools. If you had problems to download Document Spy & Co. in the past please try again, and please report errors if you have still problems either  with a comment, or with a mail ralf.petter@gmail.com Thank you for your understanding

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Gut gemacht Microsoft

Ja Microsoft das habt Ihr wirklich wieder gut gemacht. Ein Upgradeprogramm auf Windows 10, dass 16 Megabyte groß ist und das einzige was es mir sagen kann wenn ich es auf einem ganz gewöhnlichen Windows 7 laufen lasse ist:

Wirklich starke Leistung wenn man bedenkt, dass das komplette Windows 3.1 ein kleinerer Download war.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Downloads of my free Notes/Domino tools moved to a new hoster

Some users of my free Notes/Domino tools have reported that they have problems to download the widgets from my Google Drive where i hosted them in the past. So i have migrated all my downloadable content from Google Drive to a payed web space from United Domains. I really hope that with this new web space problems with the download will be a thing of the past. If you have still problems please leave a comment what you have tried to download and which problem occurs so that i can solve your problem.

As already said this new web space costs me a monthly fee, so if you are a happy user of one of my tools maybe you can donate some money via paypal so that this service stay free for the future. Thanks in advance for your help.

The following tools are available in the moment:

Document Spy

The document spy which shows you all items of the selected document in the sidebar in a clear table. You can even change items with a simple double click on the item, which save you a big amount of your time because you do not need to write agents to do simple changes on documents. As a bonus feature the Document spy let you view and edit profile documents in databases. Very handy if you have a defect in the profile of your mail database.

ToDo Activator

Activates the otherwise hidden ToDo Sidebar view. The ToDo Sidebarview is similar to the day at a glance view only for Todos.

Extension Spy

The extension spy gives you a deep look under the hood of the eclipse extension mechanism in Notes. It shows you which plugins extend which extension points. Often you get can get good ideas for own extensions when you have a look how IBM plugins extend the Notes client.

ShortCutButtonBar Enabler

The ShortCutButtonBar Enabler allows you to add your custom databases to the new Notes 9.x Shortcutbar without java development skills. You can add new icons with simple notes.ini entries.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

New Version of the IBM Notes Document Spy

I have discovered a bug in the Document Spy which prevent the widget from loading a document. If you are using my Tool please update to Version 1.1.1 of the widget. The easiest way is to remove the widget from the My widget Sidebar view and then reinstall the widget from the Document spy download page.

If you like Document Spy please share the tool on your favorite social Network. Thanks in advance. If you find a bug please leave a comment or contact me at ralf(dot)petter(at)gmail(dot)com

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Einstellen des Logginglevel der Starface UCI API

Die Entwicklung unseres Notes basierenden CTI Client für die Starface Telefonanlage befindet sich kurz vor der Fertigstellung. Bisher war es sehr angenehm, dass die Starface API alle Debugmeldungen auf die Standard Ausgabe geleitet hat. Diese Infos sind während der Entwicklung sehr informativ, da sie praktisch die gesamte Kommunikation des Clients mit der Telefonanlage beinhalten. Im Echtbetrieb ist es aber natürlich ein Ärgernis, wenn das gesamte Client log mit Meldungen der Starface API überflutet wird.

Leider habe ich in der Starface API Beschreibung keine Hinweise gefunden, wie man den Logging Level einstellen kann. Nach einiger Analyse des Codes der Starface API habe ich aber eine sehr einfache Methode gefunden den Logging Level auf ein vernüftiges Maß zu drosseln. Um diese Methode in seinem Code zu verwenden, muss sich das Log4j-1.2.16.jar, dass die Starface API mitbringt im Build Path eingetragen sein.

// Starface UCI API auf Level Info setzten. Keine Debug Infos werden
// mehr angezeigt