Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tabris a cool way to reuse your Notes/Eclipse RCP skills in the mobile app development

Today the final version of Tabris has been released. Tabris is a native peer client for a RAP (Remote Application Plattform formerly Rich Ajax Plattform) Server. RAP is a mature technology to run SWT/Jface Applications and Eclipse RCP Plugins on a server and render the UI to different clients like a webbrowser or native clients. The RAP Server and the Webclient are opensource. With the Tabris SDK they first commercial native client to RAP Server for Android and IOS is available. So you can reuse your existing SWT/Jface skills and build native apps for Android and IOS right like you are building Plugins for Notes today. Demos of the Tabris functionality are availabe on the google playstore. I think this is really a very cool technology and every Eclipse RCP developer should try this out.

Demos of RAP for Webclients


  1. It is a bit pricey for everyone to try, it is almost $1000 per developer...

  2. There is a free 30 day trial to try this and the developer license for one platform is under 500 Dollars.

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