Thursday, June 20, 2013

Scott Souder has announced ODBC for Domino 9

Better late then never Scott Souder has announced the availability of the ODBC driver for Domino 9.

When you have an IBM id you can download the ODBC driver from the developerworks site

The part numbers for the 32 bit version is CIMW6EN and for the 64 bit version CIMW7EN.


  1. Ralf, this is great news. I have downloaded it and installed it and attempted to use it. The problem is that IBM does not provide a 64 bit client. We have tried to install the Domino 9 64 bit server, but the driver still will not work. Have you been able to get this to work? Any suggestions would be most helpful.

  2. Jon,

    I do not fully understand your environment, but you can use the 32 bit driver with the 32 bit Notes client under 64 bit windows. To configure the 32 bit data source in Windows 64 bit have a look at

    This tutorial is for the db2 driver, but the same should work with the Notes SQL ODBC Driver. If you have still problems with this, please give a little bit more informations what you are trying and what errors you get.