Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Show pictures in emails from iPhones as attachments and not as inline images

It is very annoying, that the iPhone send pictures in email not as attachments but as inline images. This is especially a problem when you use a client to view such a mail, because it is a little bit difficult to save inline images to your file system.

Fortunately the notes client have the setting "Show in-line MIME images as attachments" which you can find in the Preferences Dialog in the "Basic Notes Client Configuration".

When you set the above described option all pictures in e-mails from iPhone user, will be shown as attachments, which you can open in your favorite photo editor, or save to the file system. This setting will not only change the behavior for new mails, but also for old ones. So you can always uncheck the "Show inline MIME images as attachments" option and will get the old behavior back. But i am pretty sure, you will not want it back if you have tried out this setting. An example for the email with the option set:

The option in the ui sets the variable "ShowMIMEImagesAsAttachments=1" in your Notes.ini. So when you want do deploy this useful option to all your notes users, you can set the "ShowMIMEImagesAsAttachments=1" variable in the notes.ini section of your Desktop policy.


  1. Thank You so much. I was investigating iphone apps to send images as attachments etc. This is so much better.

    1. Many thanks for this. Causing some real annoyance not being able to save images easily form iphones.