Monday, October 7, 2013

IBM has announced IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 7

Today IBM announces the latest Technology Refresh for IBM i. This Technology Refresh provides many new functions and improvements like:

  • An enhanced RPG IV programming language which includes new Free Format H, F, D and P statements. With the exception of old RPG Cycle Code like I, O statements this is the first time you can write RPG programs entirely in Free Form! more...
  •  An improved DB/2 Version which can handle larger indices (1.7 TB) and new system management catalogs. Dynamic Compound Statements. New Possibilities to control the blocking size in sequential SQL reads and many other DB/2 Enhancements.
  • Java has got some performance improvement and the API has updated to 1.7. more...
  • TR 7 brings also support for new Hardware Options
You can find all other improvements in the announcement letter from IBM.

I think TR 7 was really worth the wait and should be available in November.

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