Friday, August 8, 2014

AFP Workbench Viewer fails with "The program can't start because icuuc44.dll ismissing"

After installing 7.1 service pack SI50567 the AFP Workbenchviewer which is used in the System i Navigator to view spool files fails on startup with the error "The program can't start because icuuc44.dll ismissing"

IBM i icuuc44.dll missing can not start AFP Workbenchviewer

It does not help to reinstall the program as the error message says. After some search i found APAR SE57569 which describes the problem and there is also an Hotfix which correct the error. So if you have installed 7.1 with service pack SI50567 i strongly recommend to install the hotfix, or to upgrade to the latest service pack SI53584 which contains the fix too.

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