Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nice Partnership betweeen Apple and IBM in mobile business

Hey IBM really a nice partnership between you and Apple in the mobile business. First IOS release after the announcement of the partnership kills the mobile controls of xPages in Domino and IBM needs three weeks to get a technote out of the door that says that they need additional time to solve the problem with a interim fix.

Maybe you should announce a partnership with google in the browser business and a few weeks after that google releases a new Chrome browser which kills your web based products ;-)

 Repeat after me: "Apple will never be a fair partner"


  1. That's not fare: "Repeat after me: "Apple will never be a fair partner"

    Apple gave all of us THREE month time to test this starting with iOS 8 Beta 1. So don't blame Apple, but blame IBM or the mobile developers out there, who are not testing there Apps early enough.

  2. There's a lot of blame to go around and a lot of lessons to be learned I think. And there's a lot we still don't know.
    It's possible Apple has some blame here. They did something that broke dojo. dojo had to fix it. What they did I do not know. Maybe Apple had good reasoning to make whatever change... but maybe they did not. I sure would like to know more of the details there. But Apple COULD have some responsibility in the matter.

    Regarding the beta program - blame there lies with BOTH IBM and us as XPages developers. Absolutely IBM SHOULD have known about this ahead of time and we should have been warned that the problem was coming. But even without IBM, we as developers SHOULD have known about this ahead of time on our own. It's not like the entry cost into the iOS beta program is high. At $99 it should be a requirement if you're building mobile applications targeted at iOS.

    I think there's blame as well on the whole "Bring your own device" strategy that companies are using. The problem is the users are now able to upgrade their OS whenever they want. And way before it's "certified" by an IT department and working with any corporate applications.

    I think every party Apple, IBM, XPages Developers, Corporate Policies, the Users themselves, have some level of blame for this situation.

  3. Dear Anonymous!

    I do not know if Apple has warned IBM that the will broke mobile controls in IOS 8. But this is not the first time that apple broke Notes without a need. The named an application in Mac OS X "notes" knowing that Lotus Notes is using this Appname for a very long time. This was a absolute nitghtmare to solve all problems this move has caused. They killed adobe flash although adobe is one of their biggest software deliverer for the Mac platform.