Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IBM Navigator for i does no longer work with Firefox 31 and above.

From time to time i need the IBM Navigator for i to configure some things on my system which are not possible in greens screen or the Windows based Navigator. Today i have noticed that the Navigator is no longer working with Google Chrome and Firefox 31 and above. The reason is, that Navigator for i still uses SSLv3 and the browsers are no longer accepting such sessions wich are vulnerable by POODLE attacks. Update: I have opened a PMR with IBM and IBM told me, that this have to be a configuration problem on our IBM i. The IBM i box of support engineer works with Firefox 35. They are investigating now what's the root cause for the problem on our IBM i.

ssl_errpr_no_cypher_overlap Error in Firefox

As a temporary workaround you can change the "security.tls.version.min" value in about:config to "0" to enable SSv3 in your browser.

Enter "about:config" in your address bar.
Confirm that you will be carefully with your changes.
Enter "security.tls.version.min" in the search bar of about:config
double click the value and change it from 1 to zero.

After you have finished your work with Navigator for I you should restore the original value of 1 in "security.tls.version.min"

Update:  IBM has solved the problem on our machine. The replaced some config files of the server in the IFS with working ones. If you have the same problem call IBM support and refer to PMR 22691,060,618


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